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Terms like wealth management, investment management, and capital management can seem intimidating and complicated. You’ll often hear business professionals and administrators using these words, and you will have little clue as to what it is. So let’s get an understanding of what these business administrators are saying.

Neil Druker

What exactly is Wealth Management?

Let’s say you are an affluent client and you need some financial advice. Your advisor gives you investment advisory services that also include other financial services. Wealth management is a financial service that, after consultation, is tailored to the client’s needs and their specific wants and needs.

Made specifically for you

When speaking of wealth management, the consultant might take often take a holistic approach. Getting to know your situation, your wants and needs, and taking a careful look at all the angles, your advisor will create a strategy that is just for you and is tailor ideally to get you what you want. Let’s say a client wants investment advice or taxing, estate planning, accounting, and retirement services. Your consultant will give you advice according to them and your financial situation.

Neil Druker; a Business Administrator and Consultant

Neil Druker is a Business expert that has been in the field for well over two decades. He got a high-grade education from McGill University and Harvard School of Business Studies. Neil has worked for various companies and provided his expertise and invaluable efforts to them. Neil Druker’s job experience started in 1989, working for McKinsey and Co, and now since 2019, he has joined three different companies as their board member and managing partner.

Neil Druker is a professional with a lot of experience. As a business administrator and expert, he also works as a consultant and gives financial management advice.

Why is Wealth Management so important?

Individuals with a high net worth are significantly more in need of a professional to help them gain an integrated strategy to help them manage their funds. Wealth management is not only financial advice; and instead, it is a carefully thought approach that considers one’s whole financial life history. Strategies made explicitly for you; this advice helps you make some very wise choices. A wealth manager handles all of their client’s wealth and makes intelligent decisions for the present and future financial issues. You can get general advice or specific ones tailored to your specific needs; a wealth management professional will give you that.

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