Neil Druker

Neil Druker

Neil Druker is a professional in the field of business administration. He had his education from the most prestigious institutions. His personality radiates his educational and professional experience. Neil Druker studied at McGill University in 1989 and master’s in MBA from Harvard Business School in 1993.

He was part of McKinsey & Co from 1989 to 1991. Continuing his profession as a business expert, he is a managing partner in Phase Five Capital Management since December 2016.

Before that, Neil Druker was the managing partner of Phase Five Holdings LLC. His aim as a managing partner has been to increase revenue through strategic planning and execution.

Neil Druker is currently the managing member of Six Twelve Capital Management and Six Twelve Holdings LLC, the general partner of Six Twelve Venture Partners since 2019.

Neil Druker is a board member of Blueshift Nutrition, and Six Twelve Venture Partners LP is its lead investor, so he is familiar with both companies.


Neil Druker would like to provide consultation in the following areas:

  • Capital Fund Management
  • Investment Management
  • Capital Management
  • Financial Management


Neil Druker would like to speak at your upcoming conferences on the subjects of Capital Fund Management & Investment Management.